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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mont Blanc Joy of Mahatma Gandi Special Edition Ink

For those orange color ink lover out there who didn't manage to get a bottle of the orange ink launched as the Mahatma Gandhi Special Edition ink, Mont Blanc launched the same color this year (2011) as a Ink of Joy Special Edition.

The Mahatma Gandhi Special Edition ink was launched two years ago (2009) togather with the Mont Blanc Mahatma Gandhi Special Theme Limited Edition to mark his birthday anniversary.
The orange color was choosen to align with the fever opal on the clip (approx. 0.1 ct) .
This Gandi Special Edition orange ink is having the same tone as the latest Ink of Joy Special Edition 2011.

This Gandhi Special Edition ink is made in Germany, while the Ink of Joy Special Edition is made in Austria.

Here is a swap sample of the colors.


  1. Cool, I'll link to this tomorrow, thanks! ;-)

  2. On the topic of Gandhi, you might be interested in this article which I wrote recently...on the fountain pen that Gandhi used.

    I'm based in SG btw.