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Sunday, August 28, 2011

SHJM 8 Budget Fountain Pen

We received an email from Nariko Tanaka asking us to give her a fountain pen so that she can experience the writing experience. We exchanged a few emails and invite her to join our monthly pen meet so that she can expeience different type of pens from our local community.

We highlight that fountain pen price range are very wide. The cost of pen range from a cup of black coffee at the local Kopitam to a thousands of dollars.

Here is one pen that the cost is the same as two bowls of wonton noodle in Hong Kong or one local weekend movie ticket.
The entire pen is made of steel, even the pen sectionis chrome steel. The pen clip is decorated with a water droplet.
One size fitted all. It come only in one nib size.
It is a fine nib for chinese hand writing.
On the cap top, there is a little pussy cat. Meow Meow!
Nariko didn't show up at the pen meet.

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