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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mont Blanc Gaius Maecenas Limited Edition

Montblanc pays homage to Gaius Maecenas with the 20th edition of their Patron of the Arts series, who was a personal advisor to Octavius as well as a supporter of young artists.

While Maecenas has enjoyed immense wealth and political friendship as advisor to the Roman Emperor Augustus, he true passion was art and culture. This can be found in reference in the recorded patron in the history of the arts and culture. He is also the known symbolic figure and representative for cultural responsiblity and selfness commitment.

The pen clip is shaped like a roman sword.
The ring and pen cap is made frmo 925 sterling silver. The first verse of a poem from Virgil, written in honor of Maecenas, is engraved on the entire cap.
On cap top ring, a laurel wreath is engraved around it. Here you can locate the limited edition number.
The pen barrel is inspired by the roman architecture. It is shaped to look like the columns of the Roman temples using marbled lacquer.
On the pen base, there is an inlaid of a Roman coin featuring Maecenas image. And on the pen cap top, it the usual Mont Blanc snowy star.
The rhodium plated 18k gold nib is decorated with a laurel wreath and Roman numerals "MMXI".

This Mont Blanc Patron of Art, Galis Maecenas Limited Edition, is limited to 4,810 fountain pen worldwide, and it is currently available locally.

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