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Friday, February 12, 2010

Year of Ox ... ending soon ...

Tomorrow (Feb 13, 2010) is Mr. Ox last day. Let take this opportunity to list down some of the many good pens released in 2009 that we missed. We also take this opportunity to say bye bye to Senior Ox.

January 2009
Delta Capri Blue Grotto Limited Edition, 2500 pieces worldwide.
Delta Dolcevita with piston fill.
S.T. Dupont Orpheo Geometric Red Lacquer Limited Edition, 150 pieces worldwide.

Febuary 2009
Caran d'Ache Varius alligator silver plated with rhodium coat.
Pelikan Mount Everest Special Edition.

March 2009
Caran d'Ache Leman white with rhodium plated.
Pilot Decimo Pearl red and Peal Blue special edition.
Montegrappa Amedeo Modigliani Limited Edition, 3350 pieces worldwide.
Montegrappa Nero Uno Linea.
Montegrappa Piccola Beige color.
Montegrappa Paulo Coelho Limited Edition, 1000 pieces worldwide.
Sailor King Of Pen Mosiac in red, green, grey and brown.
Sailor Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Limited Edition, 100 pieces Japan only.
Visconti Black Ripple, 199 pieces worldwide.

April 2009
Caran d'Ache Ecridor silver rotation
Cross Century II Turismo collection
Faber Castell Mondoro collection
Graf Von Faber Casterl Pen of the Year 2009 Limited Production, 1 year.
Namiki Emperor Crane
Namiki Emperor gold fish
Omas "I think" Limited Edition, 1000 pieces worldwide
Omas New Arte Italiana Collection
Omas Emotica in black, blue, red and yellow color.
Omas 360 collection in black and Bordeaux.
Omas Enamel in black and orange.
Sailor Professional gear marble ebonite finishing.
Visconti The Scream Limited Edition, 338 pieces worldwide

May 2009
Sailor Bamboo pen with 1911 nib.
Sailor Bamboo pen with special nib.
Visconti Florentia Limited Edition, 88 pieces worldwide.

June 2009
Delta Adivasi Limited Edition, Indigenous People, The 1K version (Limited Edition, 1857 pieces), is cartridge/converter filled; while the 1KS version (Limited Edition 857 pieces) features the traditional lateral lever filling system.
Faber Castell Rhombus white.

July 2009
Faber Castell Intuition black color.
Pelikan Sea World Limited Edition, 88 pieces worldwide.
S.T. Dupont Defi Collection in Carbon Fibre Composite/Palladium.

August 2009
Pelikan M205 blue demostrator limited production
Pelikan M710 Toledo red
Sailor Professional Gear Mosiac in red, green, grey and brown

September 2009
Parker XuanWu Maki-e Limited Edition, 20 pieces worldwide.
Sailor Realo

Oct 2009
Delta Dolce Vita medium size.
Parker Duofold DNA Limited Edition, 1088 pieces worldwide
Parker Preimer collection
Pilot Falcon II
Pelikan M205 Souveran
Sailor Professional Gear new 4 colours; metallic blue and purple, yellow and red.

November 2009
Delta Demostrator (Clear) Limited Edition, 1000 pieces worldwide.
Detla Passions, come in 4 colours; ivory, green, pink and red.
Pelikan M1000 Silver Screen Limited Edition, 420 pieces worldwide
Sailor Arita Hello Kitty Limited Edition, 25 pieces Japan only.
Waterman Elegance Collection
December 2009
Delta Evolution Darwin Limited Edition, 809 pieces worldwide.
Graf Von Faber Castell Classic collection new color Anello White
Pelikan Indian Summer Special Edition
Visconti Rembrandt collection

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