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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

CSI ... Parker DNA

A beautiful grey-black lacquer was found laying at Singapore First Integrated Resort (IR) (Resort World Sentosa) on Wednesday Jan 20, 2010 when it first it door to the public.

Lieutenant Kiasee and his team was called upon to investigate who is the irresponsible owner. When his team arrival on site, Cpt. Kiasu asked his team to clear the site and secure the area. After his team secure the area, Cpt Kiasu commanded section commander MC-King to comb the area for clue.

A golf ball from Lilliput (Singapore only indoor 18-hole golf course) was found laying not far from the pen box.

Lieutenant Kiasee interviewed the resort management and found out the Mr. Phua Chu Kang was the contractor working on site the night before. Could Mr. Phua Chu Kang be the careless owner of this beautiful parker box?

Back in the lab, Mr. Guyu was doing the testing on the box. When he opened the box, he found a beautiful Parker fountain ...
The beautiful cap and barrel was not smooth like most pens. The barrel is skillfully crafted in the shaped that look like the double helix DNA. It is make complete with a layer of lacquer.

To cut the story short ... the CSI:SG Kiasu team uses the "I don't know what test" confirmed that Mr. Phua Chu Kang was the careless owner fo the pen.
According to Parker, the nib is platinum plated 18 carat gold nib, tapered section strip to provide more flexiblity, smooth and long lasting writing pleasure, which is similar to some of it vintage model.

Pen Details:
Model: Parker DNA
Materials: pearlescent smoke grey (not black) resin
Nib size: 18K gold nib, Medium
Box: Special lacquer box
Limited Edition: 1088 pieces

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