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Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Year, New Start ... Give the man another Tiger

Today is a start of a new year for us (the Chinese). Welcome to Year of Tiger

This is the first time in 50 years, the Chinese New Year coincides with the Valentine's Day.

While the Year of Tiger might start with a better economic note, the world economic is out of the danger or distress zone. The most recent major news will have to Greece's financial distress, Spain and Portugal are under pressure too. These issue is giving Euro zone trouble and casuing unsettling global financial market.

Locally, for our governemt who was worry about aging population, will see leaner Singapore stork. Singapore fertility rate a all time low of 1.23 last year. We think this year will be worst as couple prefer not to have children during the Year of the Tiger. Guess, we Singaporean not only need to upgrade our productivity to 'stimulate' the econimic, back home we also need to 'stimulate' love ...

For the animal lovers, they are worry that the Year of Tiger more Tigers are going to get kill due to the poachers and the flourishing tiger trade. The tiger could be extinct by 2022 if we don't act on it - SAVE THE TIGER.

Based on the feedback from conservationists, the poacher will chop the tiger into half or quarter without bring skinned. It is similar to how the kicten is prepare in the kitchen. According the information from the global network that monitors wildlife trade, the most active of such market/trade are in Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

People are no longer going for the skin. They now go for the meat and bones. In the black market, the tiger parts can fetch as high as USD80,000. Tiger bone tonic has become a fashionable cocktail and Tiger meat also become extoic delicacy in resturant.

For mak-e pens lover and collector, Namiki had released a new Zodiac - Tiger. The artisan name are new to us. This is the first time I saw their name. Maybe be in the future Namiki pens, we will see more of their work.

Till date, no information about the new artisan had been provided. We will have to wait and see what Pilot are welling to release.

This new Zodiac - Tiger is heavier than the previous, and so is the price. The new pen has a two tone nib, which is very nice.

... getting noisy here... have to go. Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Here is the first tiger.

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