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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Crane 丹顶鹤

丹顶鹤, in chinese, are possiblity the oldest birds on earth and has a long history in Chinese and Japanese tradition and legends. Tsuru, in Japanese, is among the most majesyic of all cranes. Pure white with a magnificent red crest.

Legend hold that the crane lives for a thousand years, and thus the symbol of longevity and immortality, as well as good fortune and fidelity.

In the anient days, it was said that the samurai warrior learned about facing death bravely from watching the crane. When a crane was attacked by a hawk, it appeared to be calm and fearless like a warrior.
In ancient China, crane motif were embroidered on robes of the first ranking officials. The crane held in high esteem among chinese in the past, and still is in the current modem China.
The Chinese and Japanese had many in culture similarity.

Crane motif are used in Chinese and Japanese wedding, the wedding kimono and other wedding decoration, as it represent cranes mate for life and devoted to their partners in all seasons... for the better or the worst.
We placed folded white paper origami crane at memorial parks to symbolic peace, and give it to ill people to wish them a quick recovery.

The saying that one thousand folded origami cranes makes a wish come true. The Chinese New Year is around the corner, why not try it out.

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