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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Event ... New Year, New Focus ... Krone Pens

The start of a new year is a good time to do some consolidation. Last month, we met up with Mr. PCK (not his real name). He was sharing with us his beautiful pen collection and his new found hobby. Hence, we suggested releasing some of his good L.E. collection to other collectors who didn't manage to acquire it.

Here is a list of Krone Limited Edition for your consideration.

1. Charles Dickens Limited Edition (Limited 250 pieces)
2. Wright Brothers Limited Edition (Limited 288 pieces, MSRP: US$3,600)
3. Abraham Lincoln Limited Edition (Limited 1008 pieces)
4. Space in Time Limited Edition (Limited 250 pieces)
5. Saint Patrick Limited Edition (Limited 288 pieces)
6. Duke of Ellington Jazz Limited Edition (Limited 188 pieces)
7. Albert Einstein Limited Edition (Limited 288 pieces, MSRP: US$6950)
8. Turankhmen Limited Edition (Limied 388 pieces, MRSP: US$4950)
9. Turankhmen Magnum Limited Edition
11. Moby Dick Limited Edition (Limited 288 pieces)
12. Forbidden City (Limited 288 pieces, MSRP US$5100)

Please drop us an email to request for price and pictures.
Happy Collecting!!!

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