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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Olive Tree for coming Lunar New Year

The Chinese New Year is 5 days away. I wish our friends and visitors a happy Chinese New Year, and hopely the Omas Olive woods will bring peace and good fortune to everybody.

Olive tree is one of the most mentioned and respected plants in our recorded literature and history.

As mentioned in the Bible, the Noah's dove brought back an olive branch to the ark as a sign of peace. Since then, both the dove and olive branch becomae the symbols of peace and concoliation between nations.

Olive oil was used to anoint prophets and kings. Jesus was anointed with olive oil, he called Messiah (in Arabic and Hebrew) which mean The Anointed One.

The leafy branches of olive trees were considered a symbol of abundance, majestic and glory; victors of Olympics game were still crown with olive branch in Gree today.

King Salmon decorated the temple of Jeruslem with cedar and olive wood and lit its lamp with olive oil symbol of blessing and sign of peace and concoliation between God and mankind.

The olive tree is a slow growing and evergreen tree. It is short, squat and rarely grow more than ten meters in height. They have silvery green leaves in oblong shape. The trunk is typically gnarled and twisted. These green leaf are the source for many medications. It was say that the oldest olive tree is more than 2000 years old.
The olive tree flower in May, thousands of small white perfumed flowers emerge in groups in front of every single leave filling the air with a unique odor.

Sadly, only five percentage of these flowers germinate to develop into the blessed olive frunit with its sharp bitter taste. Harvest time is in September. This is the green stage of the fruit. These fruit are make into pickle for daily comsumption, or left to further ripen to a deak purple colour to extract the golden precious olive oil form.

Omas used the olive tree wood to craft another fine wooden pens under the new Arte Italiana Wood collection. The olivre tree wood were choosen not only for their unique gain and color, also for it popularity and unique characteristics.

This pens is meticulaourly craved into the classic twelve faceted shape, coupled sterling silver trim, giving it a sensual and technical delight. The piston fill fountain pens is make complete with 18kt gold nibs with platinum masks.

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