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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Now I am under their spell ....

"They came flyin' from far away
Now I'm under their spell
I love hearin the stories that they tell
They've seen places beyond my land
And they've found new horizons
They speak strangely but I understand ... "

This year Cartier didn't disappont us with their creativity and uniqueness. Coming April 2010, Cartier will release an outstanding eagle pen. Adding another excellent collector pens to our collection.

Pen Details:
  • Sterling silver (200 g*) with palladium finish.
  • Lacquer (color scale from black to grey).
  • Eyes in smoky quartz (brown color): 0.5 ct.
  • Solid gold nib engraved with the wings of the eagle.
  • Dimensions (L x W): 160x30 mm.
  • Stand in polished and brushed black crystal on palladium finish sterling silver base.

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