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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This is the 4th part to the 10 part blogs of the Sailor Creatures of the Deep fountain pens collection. Previously, we wrote about clown fish, Hammerhead Shark and Whales. Today, we will talk about Octopus, known by the Japanese as "Tako".

Octopus came the Greek word which mean eight-legged or footed. It is carnivorbus marine molluck found worldwide in topical and warm temperature water.

One third of the known cephalopod species are octopus species, about 300 species.

Most octopuses have no internal or external skeleton. This enable them to squeeze through tight places. They also relies on stealth and speed to avoid danger. Similar to chempoeman, octopus can rapidy changes its color and even the texture of its skin to blend with its surroundings.

When it is extreme danger, an octopus may release a cloud of ink to disorient predators. They then zoom off using jet-propulsion.

Octopus is highly intelligent, likely the most intelligent of all invertebrates. Not only it has a well developed brain, it has a excellent eye sight too. Studies had show it has the ability to learn by itself as well as from one another.

Many of us also confused octopus with squid-like cuttlefish.

While octopuses belongs to the same subclass coleoidea as squids, cuttlefish and extinct belmites, they differ from them because octopuses have eight-arms and no tentacles, where squids and cuttlefish at some point in their life cycle have eight arms and two tentacles.

There is also a misconception that octopus ear their own arms when stressed. Studies also show that this behaviour is caused by a virus that attack the nervous system, although stress may allo the virus to attack more readily.

Nishihara-san has done a excellent job in bringing our enough details of the eight-footed cephalopod. He beatuify this pen with two octopus. One at the cap and another on the barrel. The octopus on the cap is much smaller than the one on the barrel, giving you a beautiful picture of a mother octopus play with her little one.

The mother octopus at the barrel extend her two arms toward the cap and reaching for her little one. The arms are nicely crafted such that they are line up and carry on to the cap when the pen is closed.

The key features like the eyes and suck-cup of the octopus's arm are not left out. The design layout is make complete with the drawing of the under water environment. Nishihara-san painted color pigment dot to reflect the colorful marine environment, a marine rock at the bottom of the barrel and sea weed on the cap.

Pen Details: The Creatures of the Deep - "Tako" Octopus
Materials: Resin
Nib selection: EF, F, M, B, MS, 21K Gold
Limited Edition: 88 pieces (individual numbered)
Box: Special Buddhist decorative boxes

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