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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Divinity of Shivasism

After the successful launch of the Lord Ganesh in 2007, Caran d'Ache has again called upon Edouard Jud to create another excellent piece of fine writing instruments in the form of an art, to allow collectors to add another precious (“my precious”) under the Artiste Collection.

Lord Shiva is the third member of the Hindu Trinity, the other two being are Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. The Hindu believe that Lord Shiva represents the aspect of the Supreme Being who are behind the cyclic process of creation, preservation, dissolution and recreation of the universe.

Due to his cosmic activity of dissolution and recreation, he has been view as a destroyer or destructor in many a time, which some Hindu feel it is erroneously associated.

They believe that the creation is only possible or sustain itself by the balance of the destruction. The balance that is very delicate between the forces of good and evil. Hmmm... It seems similar to our Chinese believe of the balance of Yin and Yang.

When this delicate balance is disturbed, and life maintenance is becoming not possible, the Hindu believe that Lord Shiva will destroy the current and recreate the next cycle to set free the imprison souls from the worldly bondage. Hence,
Lord Shiva deliver the souls out of the pain and suffering that was caused by the unbalance forces.

In a more worldly illustration, it is like a goldsmith who melts the old irreparable golden jewellery to create a new beautiful ornaments. Lord Shiva is also is also the Lord of mercy and compassion. He filled the devotees with “awaken” wisdom and bestows grace, and protect them from evil forces.

As you can see from the description above, Lord Shiva is almighty, therefore, it is not possible to symbolize in one form. For this very reason, the images of Shiva vary significantly in their symbolism.

Before you read further, we would suggest that you have a picture of Lord Shiva as we will try to description the picture to you going forward from here to our best knowledge.

The three matted locks on Lord Shiva represented the integration of the physical, mental and spiritual energies in the yoga world.. Lord Shiva is also known as the Master of yoga.

Lord Shiva is also called Tryambaka Deva, which literally mean “three-eyed Lord”. The three eyes represent the sun (right eye), moon (left eye) and fire (the middle or 3rd eye). The sun and moon indicate his activity in the physical world, while the middle eye, on his forehead, symbolizes spiritual knowledge and power; also sometimes known as the eye of wisdom. Hmm … reminded us of 古神話人物, 二郎神 楊戩.

It was believe that the Lord Shiva uses His eyes to create or dissolves a creation.
When He opens His eyes, he is creating a new cycle and closes His close to to dissolves the creation. What if he half open or half closed? If that happened, it mean that the current creation is going through a cyclic process... meaning no beginning and no end.

You might have notice that there is a crescent moon on the side of Lord Shiva's head, which look at an integral part of His countenance. It is not. It is only one of His ornaments. The moon symbolizes the time cycle through which the creation evolves from start to end.

The other items that you might notice that Lord Shiva is wearing is ear ring (Kundalas); two ear ring, not one. One is called Alakshya which mean “cannot be shown by any sign”, and the other is called Niranjan, which mean “cannot be seen by mortal eyes”.
Both Kundalas is to signify that He is beyond ordinary perception. The left ring is the type used by woman and the right used by men, therefore, these rings also symbolize the Shiva and Shakti (male and female) principle of creation.

Beside ear ring, Lord Shiva also wear necklace. This necklace is called Rudraksha necklace. It is make of two words Rudra, which means “strict or uncompromising” and Aksha, which means “eyes”.
This necklace implement that Lord Shiva uses this comic laws firmly and without compromise to maintain law and order in the universe. The necklace is make from 108 beads, which represent the number of element used in the creation of the world.
When our boy look at the Lord Shiva, he asked us why the snake coiled run his neck. Do you know why?
Lord Shiva right side symbolized the human activities based upon knowledge, reason and logic. The snake looks toward the right to signify the Lord's eternal laws of reason and justice preserve the order in the universe.
The bull symbolizes both power and ignorance. The bull is called Vrisha in Sanskrit. Vrisha also mean dharma, which direct translation mean righteousness. It is said that the bull is Lord Shiva vehicle, which conveys the idea that He removes ignorance and bestows power of wisdom to His devotees.
Lord Shiva sitting on or wearing a tiger skin, which symbolizes potentir and ignorance. The bull is called Vrisha in Sanskrit. Vrisha also mean dharma, which direct translation mean righteousness. It is said that the bull is Lord Shiva vehicle, which conveys the idea that He removes ignorance and bestows power of wisdom to His devotees.

Lord Shiva sitting on or wearing a tiger skin, which symbolizes potential energy, convey the idea that He is the source of the creative energy that flow through the universe, and in an endless cycles. Let talk the drum (Damaru). The small drum with two sides separated by a thin neck-like structure symbolizes the two utterly dissimilar states of existence; obscure and manifest.

When the both side of the drum vibrated, it produce two different sounds which fused together by resonance to create on harmonic sound. The one sound represent the cosmic sound of AUM known as Nada, which can be heard during deep meditation. According to the Hindu scriptures, Nada is the source of creation.

Lord Shiva carry a three-pronged trident (trisula). It stands for His three fundamental powers (shakti) of Will (iccha), action (kriya) and knowledge (jnana). The trident also represents the Lord's power to destroy evil and ignorance.

Now, back to our boy question on why the snake coil round Lord Shiva.

On the neck of Lord Shiva, there is a snake curled around His neck three times and looking toward the right. Do you know why the snake curled around His neck three times, not two, four or other number? Is it because the snake is not long enough, or Lord Shiva neck is too short to allow the artist to draw the snake to curled a few more rounds? And why is the snake is looking toward the right, not at the centre?

Well! It is three because it is to symbolize the time in cycle; past, present and future. The Lord wearing the curled snake as an ornament to signify that creation process in cycle and is time depend. Since the Lord is the Eternal Reality, He is beyond time, therefore, He transcends time.

The snake actually represented the Lord Shiva's yogi power, which He used to dissolves and recreate the universe. A snake was used because it hoards, carries and building nothing, lives on air alone for a long time, and it lives in forests or mountains like a yogi.

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