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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Help Save the Polar Bear ... Namiki 2009 Limited Edition

Polar bears, or “Nanuuq”, as the Eskimos call it, are among the largest members of the bear family. They lives in the Northern Hemisphere, on the Arctic ice cap, and spend most of its time in coastal areas.

Although the polar bear snowy coat appears white, each individual hair is actually a clear, hollow tubes that reflect sunlight, producing a whitish/yellow camouflage in their Arctic habitat. Underneath the snowy coat is black skin, which helps them retain hear from sunlight.
Polar bears has no problem living on ice and show. These bears have a some cool ways to stay warm!

As mentioned earlier, their hair is actually clear, hollow tubes which help to reflect sunlight. There is a dense and thick undercoat of fur, which is protected by an outer coat of long guard hairs that stick together when wet, forming a waterproof barrier to keep them dry.

Blubber helps insulate polar bears from the freezing air and cold water, and act as a nutritional reserve when food can't be found. This blubber also helps the bears float in the water. It is 5 to 10 centimetres thick.

When the weather is cold, we also want to stay in bead and sleep. It is the best time to sleep. Yah! Polar bear just do that during winter. When the temperature outside drops, many bears stay warm by making a den and sleep. Polar bears do not hibernate, but their body functions do a slow down at this time. Many scientist call this “winter sleep,” because the bars can easily be awakened. A mother polar bear can give birth and nurse her young while still in her winter sleep.

Polar bears, top predators in their arctic habitat, face growing threats to their survival from habitat loss and degradation, specifically from:
(a) Climate change and sea ice reduction
(b) Environmental contaminants and chemical pollutants
(c) Hunting and capture for public display

This year, 2009, Namiki Limited edition theme is Polar Bear.

With skilful hand and combination maki-e technique, artisan Seki crafted the snowy white polar bear on the body of the Namiki Emperor Vest. Using Taka maki-e technique, Seki-san created the bears standing precariously on a small and shrunken iceberg in the vast ocean, and gazing forlornly into the night skyline.

In order to bring out the 3D dimensional effect, the artisan uses Shishiai-Togidashi maki-e technique to created the depiction of the dwindling sea-ice habitat. And brilliantly portrayal the glowing Aurora (What is Aurora?) that illuminates the Northern hemisphere horizon is reflected on the pen using Togidashi maki-e technique.

No details was missed. The pen cap is painted, using Hira maki-e technique, with the image of the Plough, a group of seven prominent stars of the constellation Ursa Major or “The Great Bear”.

The pen is make complete with a precision 18K gold nib with rhodium accent and piston delivery system ensuring first class writing quallity and long lasting performance.

Another masterpiece by artisan Seki!

A unique ink bottle is specifically designed for this collectible pen that completes the majestic presentation. This exquisite pen and ink bottle are presented in an elegant gift box that comes with a lid decorated with sandblasted glass representing the sea-ice.

The 2009 Namiki Limited Edition Polar Bear fountain pen is produced only in 99 pieces worldwide.

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