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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rumours, Rumours ... Marketplace

When we first started the blog, the objective was to provide our local pen lovers and collectors a place for them to get pen information. Recently, there are requests to widen the scope.

As we walk down the path of our pens collection, there are moments in the past where we purchased a pen(s) that we don't like, or a pen that just does not fix into our collection.

There have been requests from our readers for us to set up a market place to help them free up some funds.

We hear you and are considering how best to do it for the community. If we do set up the market place, rest be a assure that we will not ask you to “pay and pay” to feel the ERP(ain) in order to release your own funds (pen(s)).

Hopefully, we can work out the details that meet all parties soon.

In the meantime, write to us if you are planning to release some of your collection or looking for a particular pen(s). We will help you as much as possible.

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