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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

REALO Return ...

REALO was borned in 2006, Japan. This special fountain pen was created to celebrate Sailor 95th anniversary. It was given the name REALO because Sailor wanted a pen to represent the core concepts of their products. REALO actually mean REliance And LOcus.

The REALO is based on Sailor most popular 1911 series of fountain pens, commonly known as Profit in Japan, and King Of Pen (KOP) to most of the world.

The 2006 REALO was released as a limited edition of 600 unites. Asia was allocated with the most number of units, 500. Each pen was individually number as xxx/500. Take note of the denominator. The reminding 100 units was released to the European/North-American market with each pen individually number as xxx/100.

We do not know why Sailor had this strange way of number the pens. We guess Sailor want to control the pens released to different markets, and to identify any cross-sell between the 2 markets.

To mark this special event, Sailor used a priston filling system and crafted REALO using black acrylic resin, instead of using the same material as KOP - ebonite. This is Sailor first use of such a filling system in their history.

To commemorate this history significance and the accumulated traditional technique used for this special pen, Sailor have added to new experience for the user by choosing a traditional "Koushu" Inden pen pouch for the pen owner to safe keep the pen.

This "Inden" tradition can be dated back to EDO period, ulmost 400 years ago, where special treatment of using Urushi lacquers were used to treat deer skin. This is the same lacquer treatment technique that was used to decorate the Samurai helmets and armour in the EDO period.

This special event also called for a special nib. Sailor fitted the "Naginata Togi", which mean Japanese long sword, to this limited edition, giving this pen a wonderful writing characteristics.

Three years in the making, this year Sailor finally make a come back for the REALO. This time in a not limited edition, using the same materials and filling system as before... but with a twist.

While the material use is the same, the design of the ink tank window is total different. The new REALO using a ring type design, which has a bigger window of display as compare to the limited edition.

The nib is a standard KOP 21k nib, and not a "Togi". It comes in fine, medium, board, music and zoom nibs.

The best thing about the new REALO is the price. It is more wallet friendly than the limited edition, making it more affordable to a bigger group of pen lovers.

The shipment was delayed. Now, It is finally available at the local retailer in Singapore.

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