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Friday, September 25, 2009

Inky ... First Budget Collection

We always wanted to start our small collection of ink color, and didn't want to burn a hole in our pocket. Ink can be pretty expensive nowadays. We went out hunting for a budget ink. We found Pelikan...

During our hunt, we found that brown color is hard to come by. The ink is available at most big departmental, Popular book store and pen retailers.

Here are pictures of our favour color ... brown and violet...

Lord of the ink...

The red color is actually very nice. It has a tint tone of orange in it.

After collecting all the possible color under Pelikan, we did a few "water" and sun bath test them. Here 2 sample "water" test result. Our favour colors didn't do well for the "water" test. :-(


  1. So far whats the best ink u have ever used? I only just realised this brand Herbin lately. But i have never used it before. How do u grade Herbin ink as compared to Lamy which is now my favourite?

  2. I have not used extensively to really grade the Herbin ink as it is not easily available here locally. I think the Lamy Blue-Black is good value ink for your dollar.

  3. Thanks. Your blog is very informative. I will be visiting often from now on. I think I will go to the shop u mentioned here to buy a bottle of Herbin ink for a try.

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