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Monday, March 12, 2012

Nobuyoshi Nagahara Commemorative Limited Edition 長原勇退記念万年筆

As many is aware, the Nib Master Nobuyoshi Nagahara-san retired in December 2011. He has dedicated sixty four years of his life working to perfect a fountian pen since he joined Sailor Co, Japan in 1947.

As many of us know, Mr Nobuyoshi Nagahara has been a very active during his stay in Sailor as a nib master. He promote original ideas, and dare to try it out. His created more than 10 different type of nibs, and one of the most popular nib is the Togi nib, which is fixed in this commemorative limited edition.

Sailor launched a commemorative limited edition to honor this great nib master who dedicated his whole life to our favor tool, fountain pen nib, and a lost of a great employee.

Mr. Nagahara is active over a long 64 years since joining in 1947, and where to produce a wide variety of original pen free ideas and proven technology, has been elected as the "modern craftsman" in FY 2007.

This Commemorative fountain pen is the motif of the "bamboo soot Zhaodong", which is a  representative work of Mr. Nagahara.

The pen is finished using the Take nuri (bamboo painting), a traditional craft of Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture. This is not the first time using this traditional craft to create a fountain pen. There was at least two Take Nuri Limited Edition. The first Take Nuri was launch during the mid twenty, and a follow up of Take Nuri was launched just a few years back.

Unlike the previous Take Nuri fountain pen, the Nobuyoshi Nagahara Commemorative Limited Edition is crafted from resin, not ebonite, to keep the cost down to make it more affortable to the general public.

The nib is decorated with the Nobuyoshi Nagahara name japanese calligraphy style.

It is limited to 600 pieces world wide and will be available locally in April 2012.

This Nobuyoshi Nagahara Commemorative Limited Edition comes with Mr. Nobuyoshi Nagahara autograph card and a cloth bag.

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