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Friday, December 25, 2009

Not Your Usual Bamboo

Bamboo in the Chinese and Japanese culture had a similar meaning - strength of a character.

Whenever there is a storm, trees are broken, destroyed, no matter how big they are, bamboo will be able resist the force of the wind. Even the strongest trees are no match for the strong wind. It is like a toy unroot and tear apart by strong winds.

The Bamboo bends, it flexes, nearly touches the floor, but never breaks. It resists the storms, the strongest winds. Yet, it keeps its delicate structure.
I hope to me like the bamboo. A man with strong character to undergo hard, difficult, tough times, for which we must adapt, but must never break, never lose our sense of self. A man that keep his essence no matter how bad the world is treating him.

According to the paper that come with the pen, "Take-nuri" is a very traditional Urushi technique created towards the end of the Edo period. "TAKE-NURI" is a handcrafted bamboo shape painted with Urushi lacquer. It is the art form expresses the grace and elegance of bamboo coated with Urushi lacquer. The King Of Pen Ebonite is chosen and skillfully hand crafted into the bamboo profile.

Several layers of Urushi lacquer are then applied to produce the desired special effect. There are 35 processes involved in the completion of these products.
Some websites or retailers you visit may tell you that it is limited edition. Fook Hing Trading will honestly highlight to you it is not stated in the paper that comes with it, and it may just be a limited production model, and not limited edition.

This model is not available in Japan. It is for outside Japan market only. Our guess is the Japanese prefer the original bamboo, ove the fake bamboo... Why buy a fake bamboo when you can get the real one. We purchased it because of the complex process in making the pen, and the efforts of the artisan to make it look so close to the real bamboo.

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