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Monday, March 5, 2012

Pelikan Souverän M600 Tortoise Shell-White

Pelikan bring up another yet another classic but in another size. The Pelikan Sourvean M600 Tortise Shell White was lanuched locally last week and is currently available in all major Pelikan retailers, and on our marketplace.

Both Pelikan Souverän M400 and new M600  Tortoise Shell-White is the same. The only different is the size of the pen.
M400 and M600 Tortise Shell White

Like the M400 tortoise shell white, the M600 tortoise shell white is a one time production too. That mean Pelikan run the production till it run of our materials. There is no indication as to how many was produce, but humours has it there is only about 100 pieces available locally, and Pelikan Singapore has no plan to bring it any further piece in the near future.

We were hoping Pelikan to use a different nib from the regular Souveran M600, maybe something more flexible like those of Pelikan vintage pens. No luck, the new Pelikan Souveran M600 comes only in the standard M600 18k two tone nib sizes, EF to B nib.
Like all the new Pelikan pens, the pen cap now comes in the new Pelikan golden logo.
If you have not got your Pelikan, this is the one for you.

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