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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sailor Take-Nuri Limited Edition, Second Series

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Following the successful launched of the first Sailor Take-Nuri limited edition, Sailor launched the second series of the Take-Nuri limited edition. This time, it ceate a fake bamboo that have the cap top that look the root of the bamboo.

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While Taki-Nuri may not be as popular and well known outside Japan as compare to Maki-e. The effort and focus that a artisan needs is no less than that of a maki-e artisan.
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As mentioned in our previous blog on Take-Nuri Limited Edition first series, the process to create this fake bamboo involved 35 pain staking steps to craft one master piece.

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Many thanks to Sunami-san and Master Suzuki. Here are the 35 steps to craft a Taka-Nuri master piece.

1. Soji-chosei (clean up base arrangement)
2. Kokuso-bori (Line cut and paint over with Ururi mixed fiber and charcoal powder)
3. Kokuso-kai
4. Kokuso-kezuri (shave on surface)
5. Kokuso-togi (polish on surface)
6. Kiji-gatame (fix on surface)
7. Nuno-kise,Kami-kise(fiber or paper cover on the surface)
8. Nunome-soroe(surface condition arrangement)
9. Arasabi-shigoki(rough sabi-urushi put on)
10. Karatogi(rough polish step-1)
11. Jitsuke(drawing)
12. Jitogi(polish on surface)
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13. Jigatame(fix on surface)
14. Sabituke -1(sabi-urushi paint step-1)
15. Karatogi(rough polish step-1)
16. Sabituke -2(sabi-urushi paint step-2)
17. Keshosabi(ornamental sabi-urushi paint)
18. Sabitogi(carefully polish on sabi-urushi)
19. Shita-nuri(base paint)
20. Fushi-tuke(bamboo knot arrangement)
21. Tatemizo-tuke(vertical lines arrangement)
22. Sabi-tuke(sabi-urushi on bamboo look)
23. Eda-tuke(bamboo branch arrangement)
24. Fushi-togi(polish on knot)
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25. Naka-nuri(second work middle layer paints over all)
26. Nakanuri-togi(middle layer polish step-3)
27 Uwanuri(paint finish work top layer)
28 Uwanuri-togi(polish overall)
29 Fushikaki(knot detail arrangement)
30 Fushi bokashi-nuri(gradate paint on knot)
31 Doshiri ?(secret method they said)
32 Suri-Urushi bokashi-tuke(suri-urushi gradate paint)
33 Suri-Urushi migaki(poish step-2)
34 Ura-togi(poilsh on back)
35 Ura Uwa-nuri(finish paint on back surface)
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