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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Parker Maki-e Limited Edition Crane and Pine

It seems that the new theme for maki-e artist is Crane. Parker launched the Crane and Pine Tree for their Maki-e Limited Edition this year.

It is painted by the same artisan, Master artisan Shigeru Sawada , as last year Golden Dragon Maki-e Limited Edition.

On the pen cap, Master artisan Shigeru Sawada painted the pine tree. We didn't really like the way the pine tree was draw. We feel the leave of the pine tree is just a little too big as compare to the size of the crane.
One crane standing ready to take off from the pen barrel. The earthy soil is decorated with gold dust, and a few over size plant grow out of the golden earth.
The crane and it outstretched wing was well painted using taka maki-e
Overall, we feel this is not the best work of Master artisan Shigeru Sawada.
This Parker Duofold limited edition maki-e Crane and Pine is limited to 188 pieces worldwide.

Unlikely the previous Parker Maki-e Limited Edition which comes with a bottle of Parker Penman ink, this newly added maki-e Crane and Pine only comes with a bottle of the standard Quink ink. It just make me wonder how cheap Parker has become that they even has to cut such corner.

It is currently available locally.

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