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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beta Inkless Pen By Axel Weinbrecht Design

Inkless pen? No way. How can it be possible? With Beta inkless pen, it is possible.

The Inkless Beta Pen is designed by Axel Weinbrecht Design.  The pen design is amazing and innovative.  Many thanks to Fook Hing Trading, it is now available locally.

The pen tip is made from a mixture of a special metal alloy and lead. As we write, a tiny amounts of this mixture deposit create the silvery markings may resemble pencil on the writing paper material,. Unlike the normal pencil lead, the inkless pen "ink" doesn not smudge, and it is permanent.

The "ink" is solid. No liquid mean no leak, also mean it can use use under extrememe conditions. Like Fisher pen, it can use use upside down too. :-)

The Beta Inkless Pen is the most eco-green writing instrument as it doesn't require sharpening or refills, therefore, we help to reduce the use of wood, which indiretly help save another tree.
While we have not try uses the Beta Inkless Pen on all type of papers, did try in on greeting card, photocopy paper, and drawing paper with ease.

It comes in different sizes and materials. It comes in full sizes, and in cherry wood, black coated aluminum and silver aluminum.
It also comes in portable size, and in key chain.
We find the key-chain length is too small for normal writing, but if it is too long, it wouldn't be called key-chain size.
Warming: This is not a toy. It contain lead. Do not put the tip in your mouth.

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