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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ghibli Studio Narcissus

Sometime back, we were looking for a desk pen which we can place on our office desk. Again by chance, I charmed by this Ghibli desk pen available at Fook Hing Trading.
Riccardo Debole an architect by profession, and handicraftsman by passion setup the Ghibli Studio to share with others his beautiful creation. Now, Riccardo's beautiful creation is now available locally.

The Ghibli Studio Narcissus pen are completely hand made from cocobolo wood and mammouth ivory.
The beautiful narcissus is engraved on the mammouth ivory.
The pen cap top is decorated with a natural amber carbochon.
Unlike the Sailor Kuji Kohaku Amber fountain pen, the quality of amber is of a lower grade, but made it this amber a beauty is the imperfect black dot like the Graf Von Faber Castell Pen Of Year 2011.
The part that we like least is the gold plated trimming. Ghibli Studio didn't mention in his product details as to the quality of gold plated trimming. He didn't mention if is 8, 10, or 20 micron trimming. We think it will lost it color in no time.
The pen comes with a 18K gold nib.
Ghilbi Studio signed off at the pen base. This is a very beautiful pen.

Happy Valentine Day!!!

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