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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rumours, Rumours Omas 360 Vintage Limited Edition 2012

For those who didn't manage to get hold of the OMAS 360 Vintage Limited Edition 2011 locally like us, you might want to consider place book yourself a piece of the up and coming OMAS 360 Vintage Limited Edition 2012.

The new OMAS 360 Vintage Edition 2012 is back with a striking color, the audacious deep scarlet red color with shining HT trim.

Unlike the regular OMAS 360 Collection, the 360 Vintage Collection is made of transparent cotton resin making it a must have for demonstrator fans.

The 360 Vintage Collection fountain pen has a ink capacity of 1.2ml and comes complete with a 18K gold nib in standard OMAS standard nib size EF, F, M and B.

The OMAS 360 Vintage fountain pen are individually numbered and is limited to 360 pieces worldwide. It is expected to be available locally in mid or end March 2012.

It is also available in roller balls, which is also limited to 360 pieces worldwide.

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