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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Namiki Yukari Royale Kingfisher

The Namiki Yukari Royal King Fisher has been around for years and still in our favor maki-e fountain pen till date. This is the most colorful pen under the bird theme. Before the new Namiki Yukari Royal Traditional Japanese Wrapper, it is also the most colorful fountain under the Namiki brand.
While this Namiki Yuakari Royale Kingfisher only has one kingfisher on the pen barrel, it is good value as compare to the Dunhill-Namiki Kingfisher.

On the pen cap, master artisan Michifumi decorated it with autum leaves. This is one our favor leave as it is in our favor color orange-red. And it remind us of the Mid-Autumn Festival and it associated legend of Houyi and Chang'e.
In my option, the choose of color for the kingfisher was perfect. The Master artisan Michifumi chose a color and tone that is close to the autum leave, making the entire maki-e art fountain pen in harmony.
Master artisan Michifumi decided to paint the active character of the bird. This is a very difficult theme as the artisan need to demostate the lively engergy of the in the bird.

The kingfisher catching it prey, a fish, out of the water with it wing spreaded wide open is a perfect moment to demostrate the bird perfect "fishing" skill.
The kingfisher wing was painted using taka-maki-e technique.
While the Namiki Yukari Kingfisher is not as well decorated as compare to the Dunhill-Namiki, we still perfer the Namiki Yukari Kingfisher because of the kingfisher look more alively, and painted with autumn as the background.
Dunhill-Namiki Kingfisher
Finally, we feel that the Dunhill-Namiki Kingfisher is over price as compare to the Namiki Yukari Royal Kingfisher. The Dunhill-Namiki Kingfisher was crafted by Namiki Master artisan Seiki.

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