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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sailor Hotei Bamboo Dragon

Here is another dragon from the past. This Sailor Hotei bamboo root dragon pen is on the top of our favor list of dragon theme pens in our collection.

It has been our favor for many years because of the the material used and the dragon ring.

One might think that the design look almost like a walking, but the position of the dragon head make the different.

The dragon head ring is made from 24K solid gold.
The dragon eye are set with 2 diamonds.
Take notice of the two dragon horn.
Both horns are point upward, which symobol superior power, intelligence, or excellence. Unlike the Dunhill dragon which has the horns point downward.
In the older years, we have the pen fixed with a 'Nagahara' King Cobra nib. This nib was speically designed and engineered by the retired Mr. Nagahara himself.

It was created by joining two nibs joined together. The tips are expertly ground and polished to resemble the Head and jaws of the Cobra snake.


  1. Hi,is there anyway of getting this pen?i know its been out for sometime but I have been looking everywhere and just can't find any for sale. Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Roger, Sailor stopped production for this pen. You will have to buy from open market. Cheers,