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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mont Blanc Writer Series Carlo Collodi

This year (2011) Mont Blanc pay tribute Carlo Collobi, who real name is Carlo Lorenzini (November 24, 1826 – October 26, 1890). He is an italian journalist and author of the world-renowned fairy tale novel The Adventures of Pinocchio.

This is the second most loved pen in the Mont Blanc writer series.

The pen cap is decorated with a few of the characters from the novel The Adentures of Pinocchio.

Pinocchio, the main character of the novel is a naughty, pine-wood marionette who go through a series of misadventures to gain knowledge which finally lead him to becoming a real human as reward for his good deeds.
The whale.
The spirit of the forest, fairy with turquoise Hair, who rescues Pinocchio and adopts him first as her brother, then as her son.
The greedy fox and cat who lead Pinocchio astray, rob him, and eventually try to hang him.
The pen barrel is shaped to look at the Pinnocchi long nose.
The nib is decorated with the Talking Cricket whom Pinocchio kills after it tries to give him some advice. The cricket comes back as a ghost to continue advising the marionette.

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