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Friday, March 12, 2010

Chrysanthemum And Butterfly

A few of our fellow fountain pen users gather at the museum to have a few drinks, and one interesting topic came to light about the Japanese maki-e pens. The question was, "Why the drawing must always be birds and flowers?"

Our response to the question is because natural is the most beautiful. We would like to share one of our favor pen in our collection with our friend JC, TK and others.
There are two small butterfly on the cap using Shishiai-togidashi and taka maki-e technique decorated with raden and gold powder sprinkle ove the cap.

The Chrusanthemum is crafted only with gold, making the pen even more valuable.

On the barrel, there is one bigger butterfly.
The same maki-e technique is used for the barrel.

This pen can only be crafted by the most skillful artisan, with strong mind as it need to strong focus. Any mistake will mean rework, and one good pen destroyed.

This can only be the art work of a skillful hand of a maki-e artisan.
And skillful hand of sticking a butterfly sticker on a black pen with lacquer painted over it.

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