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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Graf Von Faber Castell ... Intuition ...

Just two days ago, I met an Western who now stay in Bangkok Thailand and he has been travelling to Singapore for the last 25 years. One big question come to mind - "Since you like to do business here, and have been travelling down so frequent, why not put up here?"

"Well, I like it here because is clean, infrastructure is good. But thing are expensive here, people are always rush rush. Nowadays, you can notice there so many sign telling you not to do this and that."

He continue ,"back in Bangkok, people are very nice, no rush rush, people enjoy the company of each other, and you don't get so much sign about you. And advise me I should relocated my family to Bangkok."

Well, that is something that we local had been paying since the days we were born. The situation is about to get worst. Life is getting more complex, and harder, when Singapore having a status of developed country is been compared with a developing country.

"Our" new direction is "Increase Productivity Day and Night" ...

While our life is getting complex, pen design is getting simpler, at least for the Graf Von Faber Castell.

If you cover the chrome base of the barrel, the pen cap and orange-red barrel look like the popular Mont Blanc Hemmingway from a distance. :-)

I love this pen as it always reminded me to keep thing simple, memories of our good old years '70 where my brother and sister play marbles, catch spider and collect bottle caps. And there is still beach along beach road.

While the design is simple, the mechanism is not. We will update this blog with the picture soon. In the meant time, enjoy the pictures of the beautiful pen.

To be continue ...

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