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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Extra ... Good Or Bad?

Last week, we have a repeat telecast of 'Tiger Wood' extramarital affair starring Jack Neo, his wife Irene Kng, and model-actress Wendy Chong. Tiger and Jack extramarital affair reminded me of my conversation with Senior Lim, whom I met just before Chinese New Year at a local pen retailer.

The pen shown is not suitable for junior/young reader!

Each of us have different hobby, some collect Manga figures, some bottle caps, zippo ligters, and there are people like me who like fountain pens. Senior Lim collects Chinese New Year (CNY) red packet. For 30 minutes, he shared with us the different types of CNY packet he had collected, and how the design had evolved, and how technology improvement had change packet outlook; from a simple plain red packet to a pop-up art red packet.
One piece of advice that Senior told me, "We can collect anything, postcards, stamps, bottle caps, coca bottles. There is one thing we must not keep. WOMAN."

History keep repeating itself, and a lot us just don't learn. Jack Neo is the latest example.

Just a few days back, we met up with a couple who is our univesity classmate. This couple had a different view, they think that Jack was the victim himself too.

They felt that Jack might not be getting the tender loving care from his wife and family. They felt wo/man have both emotion and physical needs. Since he is not getting it at home, then he will have to find it somewhere.
Regardless what is the reasons, any action that damage the family, and break the trust and bond within a family is not correct, and against God will.
Just like any building sturcture, there is the major structure/pillar. Family is our primary pillor to our life, our friends are the secondary pillor. We need both the primary and secondary pillar to balance our life. We must not do thing to damage and break the pillars, causing harm to others and ourself.

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