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Thursday, March 18, 2010

End of the road ... Sailor Ink

Grey is our first Sailor ink outside the regular black and blue ink. After 2 successful launched their new range of colours (4 colurs each launch), Sailor decided to end their prvious range of colour inks shown in the picture below. :-(

Sad for us because we just begining to like the redish brown.
Green is the colour that we hardly use, as it is not our fengshui colour.
Sailor yellowish orange is a colour that we had been trying to tell ourself that it is a good color, but it had been laying on our desk for months.
Brown is another one of our favor color too.

Oh! befoew I forget, the new Sailor ink is about 60% more expensive then the current range. Why? They called it limited production colours. :-(

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