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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Manga 漫画

Manga: Comic figure or figure in movement.

Globally, people of all ages read manga 漫画. Outside Japan, Manga is a term use to refers to specific comics originally published in Japan. However, manga influenced comics had developed and more exist in many parts of the world, particularly in Taiwan (漫画), Hong Kong (漫画), South Korea ("manhwa"), China (漫画). In France, La Nouvelle Managa has developed as a form of Bande Dessinee. In the America, managa-like comics are called Amerimanga.

A picture is more than a thousand words.

The stylise characters are drawn with simple line, and the dialogue of these characters relies on visual impact than actual words. The "cartoon characters" come in all types and are for everyone. They live the life of everyday, they all have the same tastes and fashion and the stories created around them represent a fascinating blend of hard reality and fantasy.

A common look, but each draftman (Manga-Ka) has their own different and personal style.

In 2005, OMAS released MIKU: "The future who has yet to come" Limited Edition to commemoration this Japanese art form.

Using the best of these manga images, a few hurried lines, the draftman tried to bring togather the preciousness of the enamel in colour chosen to bring out the self confident, detached character of the girl and the provocative simplicity of her garments.

Pen Details:
Model: Miku: "The future who has yet to come"
Silver version: Sterling Silver/Blue vegetal resin/ enamel
Gold version: 18K solid gold/Blue vegetal resin/ enamel
Filling System: Piston filled
Length: Closed length: 133mm
Diameter: 14.5mm
Nib: 18K gold with rhodiated Miku image, EF/F/M/B
Box: Blue lacquered wood

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