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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rumours, Rumours ... Namiki New Nippon Art - Origami Series

Back in July, I was informed that Namiki retired all 4 pens of the Nippon Art Ukiyo-e series. The replacement of the retired Nippon Art series is called Origami.

We took the picture this evening in a rush and will retake the pictures of the pens when time allows. Here it is.

Model of the pens from left to right.

1. Kabuto
2. Crane
3. Rabbit
4. Goldfish
5. Pengiun

While this is not a limited edition, but it is a hot items. The local retailers are allocated very little pieces of each design. If you are keen, do visit Fook Hing Trading, Elephant & Coral and Aesthetic Bay early. These pens are also a good gift for Christmas.

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