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Thursday, November 5, 2009

DO IT RIGHT! ... Yellow Ribbon

The Yellow Ribbon symbol has various meaninging. They are mostly associated with those waiting for the return of a loved ones or of miltary troops who are temporaily unable to come home.

In the '80, Philippines opposition leader used the symbol, and the most remember event was the 1986 People Power Revolution led by Nonoy and Cory Aquino. They led a series of non-violent and prayful mass street demostrations, which toppled the authoritian regime chair by a strongman Fredinard Marcos. Cory Aquino became the 11th President of the Philippines and the first woman to hold that office.

Here in Singapore, the Yellow Ribbon has been used as symbol to seek or engage the local community in giving ex-offenders a second chance at life and to inspire a ripple effect of concerted community action to support ex-offenders and their families.

In the word of our president, "Although they have made a mistake in life, they deserve a second chance. We all made mistake, we all come out the better for it."

The Yellow Ribbon project is spearhead in Y2000 by the Community Action for the Rehabilition of Ex-offeners (CARE) Network. They are a group of major community and government organizations responsible for rehabilitation of ex-offenders. The major aims of this project is to improve the effectiveness of rehabiliation in Singapore by engaging the community, co-ordinate member agencies activities and developing rehalibation initiaties for the ex-offenders.

The vision of the CARE is "Hope, Confidence and Opportunities for Ex-Offenders."

We hope our fountain pen community will help support the Yellow Ribbon project. To find out more about what you can do to help, please visit http://www.yellowribbon.org.sg/

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