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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rumours, Rumours ... Smoking Hot? Not!

The campaign Fresh Air for Woman (FAFW) is now in the 6th year since it was launch by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) to takle the increasing trend of smoking among women in Singapore.

According to the Natioanl Surveillance Survey, the number of simokers aged between 18 and 29 has risen from 3 fold (3% to 9%) in 2007.

This year HPB launched the campain with a pseudo cosmetics range of products. Unlike the other cosmetics products, this special products only come in strange dull and falt grey hues. This decidedly unattractive shade comes from the core ingredient - cigarette ash.

The purpose of us putting up this page as a alert to millions of woman out there, because we feel nothing quite alarms to our youthful women than the degeneration of their beauty. The thousands of dollars women spend on skincare and beauty products, a pack of cigarettes could easily and almost surely reverse those benefits.

We are sure no women will want to test the dirty grey makeup on their skin, or would they want to apply over hundreds and thousands of chemicals on their face. The question - why are the women doing it to their body.

Take the first step, quit smoking, stay young and pretty. The FAFW website, www.freshair.sg provides useful information, inspirational stories and practical advice for women.

We hope you will be as pretty and elegrance as one of our favour, Ingrid Bergman. The Academy Award and Tony Award winning actress, best known for her role in “Casablanca”, was a Hollywood icon whose fame spanned the globe.

Mont Blanc launched an edition under her name; Ingrid Bergman Edition. This pen is inspired by the sleek and cosmopolitan elegrance of the '40s. The beautiful mother-of-pearl lacquer cap design mirrors the iconic column dress with its narrow shape, richly drapped fabrics and thinly pleated materials and finished off with red gold plated fittings. It is also decorated with Ingrid Bergman´s signature.

Each pen is adorned with a brilliant royal-purple amethyst (approx. 0.25 ct) in the clip. The fountain pen features a hand finished solid 18kt. gold nib with heart-shaped hearthole.

Mont Blanc also launched "La Diva" Limited Edition 3 for different group of fountain pen users.

Sadly, it is a cartridge fountain pen, no converter. :-(

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