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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Namiki Zodiac Dragon

We are three weeks away before the Year of Dragon come to an end. I thought it will be a good idea to look a "forgotten" Namiki Zodiac Dragon.

In the pictures, I have taken pictures of the two Namiki Zodiac Dragon fountain pens. If you notice, the new Namiki Zodiac fountain pens are the first sign of Namiki changes their design.

The maki-e design on the pen barrel will be the main theme, and the cap would be a "matching" flowers.

I think Namiki changes their approach for three reasons. Firstly, I think this is to make the design less complex. Secondly, it is to increase the productivity of the maki-e artisan.
And lastly, reduce the number of pen repairs. There are many repair due to users who turned "one turn to many" when putting their pen cap, causing the cap and barrel design not to align.

Both Namiki Zodaic Dragon look entirely different. The old Namiki Zodiac dragon has sharpe teeth, holding on to a fiery pearl.  The new Namiki Zodiac Dragon Series Two was painted have a friendly expression. It reminded be of Mushu the dragon in the Disney cartoon Mulan.
The old Namiki Zodiac Dragon pen cap has design of thunder and cloud, which is very much related to the dragon, as it fly in the sky and there is thunder and strom when it comes.
The old nib for both series of Namiki Zodaic are the same. There is no changes to the characteristic of the nib. The same apply to the pen clip.
The price of the new Namaki Zodiac is must dearer. The old Namiki was resin materials, and the new Namiki Zodiac has a bass base, which make it much heavier.

Some of the old Namiki Zodiac fountain pens are still available at authorized retailers, and the new Zodiac Dragon will continue to be available till the next Year of Rat before Namiki launched a new series, or Namiki decided to cut production which it is unlkely as it is a still in demand.

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