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Saturday, January 5, 2013

S.T. Dupont Second (French) Empire

Happy New Year!!! Let start the year with a red color pen for good luck, good fortune and joy.

Last year (2012), S.T. Dupont Annual Néo Classique  Limited Edition pay tribute to the Second French Empire (1852 - 1870).

This limited edition was crafted based on great furniture houses of the Second French Empire, also known as  Napolean III style. It is a term also used elsewhere in the world for this style.  The Second Empire Style not only impacted French, it also major impact on design throughout Europe and the United States.

One of the distinct feature of this style is the design mainstream is the decorative arts of Europe with influence from Spain to Sweden and Russia.
The first thing that caught our eye was the sophisticated ornamentation with golden floral motifs.
The entire presentation of Néo Classique Second Empire Limited Edition is very grand, from the black lacqure collector box to the way the pen stand holding the pen.

The skillful hand of the master craftman at S.T. Dupont did a excellent job for the Second Empire Limited Edition. There is a weath of details executed with technical perfection that can only come from skillful craftman.
Did you spot the similarity between the pen clip and the pen stand legs?

The scuplted bronze clip is finely engraved with delicate floral marquetry patterns, a characteristic of the Second Empire.

The clip also carries 8 hand set rubies to give you the' 'blink blink', and a pen suitable for the royalties.
S.T.Dupont's double "D" which is Lucien and Andre Tissot Dupont created the brand on in 1872. The S.T. Dupont's double "D" is not only engraved on the pen, but almost on all possible presentation part of the accessories too.

On the pen stand, the S.T Dupont's double "D" medallions is "glue" on the front of the pen stand.
At the back of the pen stand, it is painted with the founding year 1872.
The pen top is adorned with S.T Dupont's double "D" medallions . Engraved medallions are featured on the fountain pen’s barrel bottom as well as the opulent 18k gold nib.
The S.T.Dupont Second Empire Limited Edition come with a special bottle of ink.
The ink bottle cap has the S.T Dupont's double "D" medallions too. With the S.T Dupont's double "D" medallions  in so many places of the S.T. Dupont Second Empire Limited Edition, how can you not know that this is a S.T. Dupont Limited Edition fountina pen set.
Unlike the previous Limited Néo-Classique Président Limited Edition set, the S.T. Dupont Second Empire Prestige President Limited Edition set does not come with a letter open. :-(
It comes with a rollerball section for you to interchange with the fountain pen, but it does not come with any refill but you to use the S.T. Dupont Second Empire Limited Edition pen as a rollerball ... or maybe S.T. Dupont feel that this is a pen for display and not for use as it is too huge a pen for any good writer hand.

The S.T. Dupont Second Empire Limited Edition is currently available.

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