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Sunday, September 23, 2012

OMAS COHIBA Limited Edition

We are not promoting Tabacco and products inspired by tabacco bardns. We are against the use of tabacco and smoking.


Omas continue to launch new fantastic limited edition pens under the "Best Internation Flavour" series. After a successful launched of the Perrier Jouet Limited Edition last year (2011), Omas didn't disappointed us this year (2012).

Cohiba is the flagship brand of Habanos S.A.. The name "Cohiba" is an ancient Taino Indian word for the bunches of tobacco leaves. The leaves for Cohiba cigar are made from five finest leaves  at Vuelta Abajo region.

It was created in 1966 for President Fidel Castro himself and was made at the then top secret but now world famous El Laguito factory. Initially, it was given as a gifts for heads of state and visiting diplomats, but later in was later offer in limited quantities to the open market. Hence, driving up the price doe this famous cigar up.

The OMAS COHIBA Limited Edition writing instructment is shaped like a cigar, but we were informed that the cap should screwed on the pen knob while writing to keep the balance of the writing instruments to ensure the best pleasure of writing.

The pen is crafted from Ziricote wood with vermeil in yellow gold plating. The same raw material used by the Habanos S.A.
 This beautiful OMAS COHIBA LIMITED EDITION writing instrument collection is composed by 1,966 pieces, a tribute to the year of foundation of COHIBA brand.
The 1996 Numbered Limited Edition is composed of 1,000 piston-filled fountain pens and 966 Roller Balls.

There is also a special limited edition of 40 individual numbered fountain pens and 16 rollerballs made in zirocote wood with 18k gold.

This beautiful OMAS COHIBA Limited Edition is presented in the exclusive collectible cedar cabinet box which can also be used as a cigar box. It contains a humidor as well as a hygrometer which enable to perfectly preserve cigars.

We are looking forward in receiving our pieces in mid-October.

  • Cylindrical shape
  • Engravings on the Ring: Hierro Cohiba logo and Tobacco leaf
  • OMAS engraved on the knob
  • Limited number engraved on the resin detail on bottom
  • Total length: 142,20 mm - Maximum diameter : 16,90 mm
  • 18kt exclusive OMAS Nib engraved with Hierro Cohiba logo
  • Available sizes: EF - F- M – B
  • Ebonite feeder ø 5,50 with 1 channel
  • Loading capacity: 1,42 ml 
  • Refill Roller: CL8126

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