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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Graf Von Faber Castell Pen Of The Year 2012

When we first saw the Graf Von Faber Castell Pen of the Year 2012, we were have a happy yet sad feeling. We feel sad because inacorrect information was given that Graf Von Faber Castell Pen of the Year 2011 will be the last pen of the Pen Of Year series since it was launched in 2004.

We feel happy as the Graf Von Faber Castell 2012 pen was surprise beautiful even thought was sooooo golden in color.

The combination of gold leaf and ancient wetland oak are perfect. Both materials are well loved by people for decades.

The oak wood used on the Graf Von Faber Casterl Pen of Year 2012 has the possiblity to be as old as 8000 years old. An ancient wood discover from the German bogs and marshes. The beauty of these pieces of wood ley in deep, and ofen gnarled textures and structures.
The discovery of each find is a matter of chance and each piece seems to have a mysterious story to tell.

the real gold leaves are applied by hand using a fine squirrek-hair brush. Do you know what kind of brush does a maki-e artisan use?

According to information from Graf Von Faber Castell, there is only a hand full of craftsman today that have mastered this 4000 year-old technique.
The Graf Von Faber Castell Pen of the Year 2012 is skillfully painted the well know glider and church painter Ernst D. Feldman, the winner of the Bavarian State Design Award.

Ernst applied layer upon layer of 24-carat gold leaf on the oak pen barrel in an intricate and detailed process.

The Pen of The Year 2012 pen barrel is embedded in clear resin, which served two propose. It protect the gold painted oak wood, and it allow the owner/user to appreciate the unique pattern of reflections and beautiful structure and texture that only the purest gold can achieved.

The Graf Von Faber Castell Pen Of Year 2012 pen is crowned by a chessboard faceted citrine gemstone.

Unlike the previous Pen of the Year pens which is limited to the availability of the materials. The Pen Of The Year 2012 is limited edition to a fixed number of pieces of 1500 fountain pens worldwide.


  1. I saw this pen a few weeks ago at the Graf Von Faber Castell shop in Ion. At first I thought it was just a solid gold pen, or a gold-plated metal pen. This is so much better! Gold plated over 8000 years old wood! POTYs should always be made of rare materials and I'm glad they did it this way for this year's edition.

  2. POY theme has always been using rare or exotic materials, or very traditional craftman. The POY 2012 is the same. It will be better if they can include a piece of the wood (without the gold paint) in their presentation.

    1. Yea, that's why many were disappointed one year when they use horse hair. i wasn't impressed with the russian jade one too.

      Maybe a wooden pen stopper.....