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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rumours, Rumours Namiki Emporer Kylin, and Yukari Royale Parrot with Peach

Namiki will be releasing two new maki-e pen coming November. One EMPEROR maki-e pen titled Kylin, and a Yukari Royal maki-e pen titled Parrot with peach.

The Emporer maki-e pen Kylin look like a hot and upcoming pen like the goldfish. Kylin is a ancient China mythical auspicious beast  which is part deer, part dragon, part ox, part horse and part fish. It is believe to bring good fortune, peace and propserity. In East, you will be able to see Kylin in a lot of the retailer shops and home.

You can also see Kylin in some ancient design of swords and their their metal work adornments. 

On the cap, the artisan painted the Kiritake (paulownia & bamboo) motif. It is a symbol of good fortune and noble gentility.

Both the Kylin and Kiritake are depicted with a striking and majestic finish by using Taka Maki-e technique.

Launching together with the Emporer maki-e pen Kylin is the Yukari Royale maki-e pen Parrot with peach.

For the Chinese, the peach is the "hermit's fruit". It is believed to ourify and promote perpetual youth and longervitiy. In many of our of senior (parent) bithday celebration, peach is one of the dish served.

Men believe birds (not all) are a good omen. They carry good fortune with them. From ancient times parrots is a popular design used in kimono designs to symbolize good luck.

This beautiful parrot with peach maki-e pen are finished using Taka Maki-e technique.

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