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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pelikan Maki-e Unique Collection: No. 4 Maki-e Toledo

We are three weeks away behind the first Pelikan Unique Collection pen go up for auction. It is one of the major and interesting event this year. If Pelikan did it successfully, we are sure that the other big Boys will launch a similiar event.

The first time that we feel many collectors might be keen is maki-e Todelo. The Pelikan Todelo is a ICON to the Pelikan fans, and it like a must for them.

The Toledo maki-e pen is the fouth pen in this year Pelikan Unique (ONE) Collection 2012. The idea of using different craft/painting technique to draw Toledo is not unique, but this year (2012) , Pelikan maki-e Toledo Unique Edition 2012 is the first such maki-e pen in the market using the tradition Japanese maki-e.

Like all the Firsts in our life, it will always significant impact and always be remembered as time past.

The "Maki-e Toledo" was created using a combination of the two complex maki-e techniques; the togidashi and taka maki-e technique.

According to Pelikan, the artisan Mushu Yamazaki-san took about a month to complete this pen, which in my option is not long time as compare to some more complex design.

Auction details

Artist:Mr. Mushu Yamazaki
Based on model:Souverän M 1000
Nib:18 carat gold, size M
Minimum Offer:4.500 €
Bidding starts:Oct. 4th, 2012 - 2PM CEST
The hammer falls:Oct. 11th, 2012 - 2PM CEST
Like all the past Pelikan Toledo Limited Edition, we are not sure if Pelikan will launch another Toledo next year. Hmmmmm .... Maybe a maki-e Toledo in red or yellow pelikan pen, or in silver powder instead of gold powder.

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