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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ryan Krusac Studio Mermaid Fountain Pen

New range of fountain pen was launched by Ryan Krusac Studio. It uses brass for all its triming, clip and all visible metal parts. It has other design, but this mermaid fountain pen caught our eye as there are not many pen with mermaid in the market.

Ryan did some special "treatment" to the metal to give it a retro and blacken look. This will help prevent the brass from turn greenish black.
The antler used also enjoy the same special material treatment to give it a brownish look. This treatment is to give the entire pen the vintage look. The antler are natural material, hence, no two pens will have the same color tone even after the special treatment, making each pen unique.
Like all Ryan Krusac's fountain pen, the section is the least favor of the pen for us. We feel it is too slim to give the user the comfort for long writing. Maybe it is most suitable for lady users.
Locally, it is available at Fook Hing Trading, which only comes in 18K nib in fine, medium or borad as it is the most requested nib in Singapoare.

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