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Friday, August 24, 2012

Montegrappa Espressione Fountain Pen

First there is a new range of pens called Memoria. An Italian word which mean memory.

Now, Montegrappa launced their Espressione with a new look and colors.

The first thing that attracted us is the mother-of-pearl resin materials that was used for the pen, and the plating used. Unlike other brand, Montegrappa chose to use rhodium plating, which will maintenace it beauty and shine as look as there is no bad scratch on the trimming.

The all-new Espressione features an octagonal-shaped cap band, designed so that the pen will stand still when placed on a tabletop. The previous edition has round trimming.
The band is finely engraved and enameled with Montegrappa’s typical Greek fret.
Like all Montegrappa writing instrucment, it installed with their icon clip, which has a small roller/ball at the end of the clip to ensure users to easy slip the writing instrument into his/her pocket.

The mother-of-pearl resin comes in four impressive color. The vibrant Blue, the elegant Brown, the evocative Green and the classic Smoked Black.
The new Espressione comes in four mode of writing instruments. The fountain pen, roller ball pen, twist-action ballpoint pen and pencil.

Materials: Resin, Rhodium plated trim
Nib: Steel nib with iridium point
Nib size: F/M/B
Ink filling system: Convertor/Cartidge 

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