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Friday, June 1, 2012

Sailor Take-Nuri

Nobuyoshi Nagahara Commemorative Limited Edition is the latest Take-Nuri launched by Sailor Japan Co. While this is a Take-nuri (Bamboo finishing) pen, there are a few differences as compare to the previously launched pens; Take-Nuri LE Series One, and Series Two.

The very most noticable different is the length and color of the Nagahara Commemorative LE as compare to the others
The Nagahara Commemorative LE is much longer as compare the actul Take-Nuri pens, and the color is much darker too.
While the overall length of the pens is much longer, the cap is not. It is shorter.
The bamboo design of the pen is also different from the others.
From the above pictures, did you notice the different among the three pens?

The original Take-Nuri fountain pen cap are screw on, but not the Nagahara Commemorative LE.
The Nagahara Commemorative LE nib is small simple tone Nagahara nib with his name engraved on it. The original Take-Nuri comes with a two tones nib.

The Nagahara Commemorative LE  is make from resin, and it is limited to 600 pieces worldwide. The original Take-Nuri is make from ebonite and limited to 25 pieces worldwide.

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