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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pelikan Maki-e Limited Edition Fuji And Cranes

Pelikan has almost always hit the right theme for their past maki-e limited edition pens. The maki-e artwork done by the Pelikan maki-e artisan is top notch too. However, it does not directly mean a successful launched of a limited edition pens.

Pelikan has been losing market share for the last few years. In fact, we have not saw a successful Maki-e Limited launched since the HEAVENLY MAIDENS OF DUNHUANG Limited Edition.

This year (2012), we think Pelikan might have found the correct balance between their theme, artwork and price point with their latest launched of their Fuji and Cranes maki-e limited edition.

One can find all the favor and popular motif in the new Pelikan Maki-e Limited Edition 2012 Fuji & Cranes.

Like all  the oriental theme art, the artisan paints not any other number but three cranes which is cherished symbols of long life and good luck.
Beside the Mount Fuji and Cranes, the artisan painted the well loved cherry blossoms.
Two cranes flying elegantly across this beautiful maki-e pen. On cap, one crane  flying freely with the cherry blossoms and another high among the lazy clouds painted using hira maki-e technique.
Just beneath the lazy clouds, the artisan painted Japan's sacred Mount Fuji with it popular flat snowy tip. A third crane fly elegantly along the Mount Fuji with it hazy clouds.
The artisan uses the Taka and Togidashi-Maki-e technique to create the cranes and Mount Fuji. If your thumb glides over the surface, you will feel texture of the cranes and Mount Fuji.
The beautiful cherry blossom is painted using both the Hira and Raden maki-e technique to give you a feel of time and dimensions.
The Pelikan Maki-e Limited Edition “Mount Fuji and Cranes” is limited to 88 pieces worldwide and is currently available locally.

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