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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stipula Netto Ink Filling System

We love the idea of a clean filling system, and Stiupla created just the cool "gadget" for us, the fountain pen users.

Stipula uses the capillary action principle to create this patented ink filling system, which they called it Netto ink filling system.

Capillary action or capillarity is the ability of liquid to flow in narrow spaces without the assistance of, and in opposition to external forces like gravity.

A classic of capillary action is the paper towel example. When a paper towel is dipped into a spilled puddle of water, it sucks the water up. 
There are many other example in our daily life, and such capillarity occur everywhere. The one is closes to us is how the trees manage to get water all the way up to their crowns to the way in which water seems to climb up a straw.

The Stipula Netto ink filling system make such action happened using a mico-pipes.
It is very easy to use too.

First, you pour your favor ink into the Stipula clean and dry bottle (Stipula called it well, just like ink well).
Next, have your pen ready for refill ready. In our example, we will be refill a Pilot Custom 742 with a FA nib.
Thirdly, remove the pan barrel, and insert the pen into the ink bottle, as show in the picture below.
Next, you refill the pen just like you do it in any ink bottle.
With the Stipula Netto ink filling system, the first time you notice is that you are able to fill 100% of the convertor. Yes, you hear correct - FULL capacity.
And the best, don't have to clean the pen as the section is keep clean. The above picture show the nib and section before the refilling. And the picture below show the after refill.
Our precious pens will last long; precious material such as celluloid, cellulose acetate and silver are vulnerable to ink. Now, the the Stipula Netto ink filling system, the section does not contact with the ink, hence, reduce their damage and able to maintain their brillance and color.

We were told that with the Stipula Netto ink filling system, we use the every last drop of the ink; zero wastage.

There is a short demo towards the end of the Stipula video.

The Stipula Netto ink filling system is now available locally at Elephant & Coral and Fook Hing Trading.

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