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Sunday, July 29, 2012



Now we can feel and "ride" the actual locally in Singapore. A few of the Moon Fighters landed in Fook Hing Trading some two weeks ago. In our last visited, half of the Moon Fighter has took off.

Romain Jerome is a very young Switerland watch company founded in 2004 who is now renowned for using materials from famours legends to create their watches.

If I remember correctly, the very first materials that Romain Jerome was the rusty steel from the Titanic.

Last Oct (2011), Romain Jerome launched their very first fountain pen, The Moon Fighter. The Moon Fighter cames in three version. The heavy metal, black metal and vintage.

The pictures shown is the heavy metal version, which is palladium-coated steel.
In was said that  the Moon Fighter heavy metal version represent the fighter before it flight to the moon. The Moon flighter fountain pens are in matt finishing with
It Romain Jerome Moon Fighter sit comfortably on a docking station, which has two pieces of not so strong magnet to secure it.
Take notice the blue cockpit!

The blue plastic cockpit contain a tiny amount of less than 0.1g (I think) of actual moon dust. Now, we own a piece of the moon.

We feel this part of the design is the weakness of the whole pen. Romain Jerome should have use a stronger and unbreakable materials as it cockpit.

Questions: If we drop the pen and the cockpit break, will Romain Jerome able to replace the Moon Dust?
The Moon Fighter fountain pen has a very simple and streamlined barrel with 48  hand applied rivets on it pen barrel.

Did you know the number of rivets applied? Do you know what does the number mean?
When you removed the cap from the Moon Fighter, the first time that we notice the details that was given to the section.
It was design to look at a rocket engineer with air-vents.
The blacked tantinum nib is not decorated, but engraved with RJ.

Each versions of the Romain Jerome Moon Fighter is limited to 888 pieces worldwide.
Below is a blow up picture of the Romain Jerome Moon Fighter cockpit.
The vintage version of the Romain Jerome represent at the fighter on it way to the moon.
The black metal version of the Romain Jerome represent the fighter after it completed it moon mission.
Do you know understand why an all black version of the fighter it return from its mission?

The Romain Jerome Moon Fighter comes in both fountain pen with titaniumnib and ballpoint pen.

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