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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Louis Cartier recently launched fountain pen under it Transatlatique range of products. The material is not rare Kotibe wood. Regarless, Cartier made this fountain pen as a limited edition of 1847 individual numbered worldwide.

The Kotibe are hardwood found in the tropical Afica like the Angola, Ghana, and Nigeria. The kotibe wood has smooth surface and usually comes in redish brown, but there are also some violot brown kotibe wood.
The kotibe wood are easy to work. This might be the reason why this wooden material was choosen.

Like all the Cartier Transatlanique products, this fountain pen is engraved with few straight lines, actual 6 lines, from the top to bottom.
One look, we feel it like a string instrument. Like a good music instrument, Cartier hope this new Transaltlantique fountain pen will be able to give the users a beautiful writing experience.
 A piece of citrine cabochon is set on the bottom of the pen.
The Cartier Transatlantique fountain pen is palladium finish, and comes complete with a 18K solid gold rhodiumized nib.
Dimensions: length 142.7mm x width 15.4mm.

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