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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Omas Arte Italiana Milady

It has been awhile since a pen manufacturer launched a writing instrument dedicated to Woman.

Omas took the lead to lauched the Arte Italiana Milady writing instrument dedicated to Woman and their elegance, taking the pleasure of writing to the next higher level.

The pen barrel is not the typical round body, but crafted in OMAS iconic twelve-sided shaped barrel. A exlusive and distintive feature of OMAS pens, which can be differentiated even from a distance.
The rose gold plated trim is finely engraved with Greek frieze, which as you slowly turn the pen, it turns gradually into a butterfly.

The pen is made of precious pearly cotton resin with rose gold trim and comes in four exclusive colors. The colors are red orange (not shown in the pictures), maroon, teal green and ivory.
Omas crowned each Art Italiana Milday with gemstonesstone to make woman touch complete.

The Milady in mother of pearl ivory cotton resin is crowned with a smoky quartz. The Milady in pearl teal green cotton resin is crowned with a green gold quartz. The Milady in pearly red orange cotton resin paired with a garnet, and the Milady in pearly maroon cotton resin with an amethyst.

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