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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sailor Noh Theater Okina Limited Edition

Noh Theater is the Japanese main stream classical musical drama that has been performed since the 14th century.

In 2010, Sailor Japan launched a set of three limited edition to honour this art, which has not change since the begining

The Sailor maki-e pen shown here is one of the three. It is called the Okina.

The Okina mask is of an senior male with long white beard expressing wisdom. The Okina mask takes its origin from the traditional Genryu style of Noh play called "Dance of Monkeys".

The mask is painted using togidashi and taka maki-e technique. The costume is painted using hira maki-technique, and the pattern on the costume is pained using togidashi maki-e technique.

In order to bring out the character of Okina out from the pen, and giving it dimension, the artisan using nashiji maki-e technique, a technique which irregular shaped thin flakes of gold are embedded in reddish or amber colored wet lacquer. It is then polished to resemble like a "pear skin".

Pen Details
Model name: "Okina"
Materials: Ebonite
Filling system: Converter & Cartridge type
Nib selection: Nagahara ‘Cross Point’ 21K Gold
Limited Edition: 28 pcs worldwide

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